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Questions for potential Board Members and Chapter Leaders
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 What are the responsibilities of the movement's leaders? 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Oversight
  • Awareness Building
  • Assistance with Fundraising to Ensure Full Funding of Project InDivisible
  • Occasional Volunteer Work

Our goal is to recruit board members who are passionate about our mission, who help to spread awareness, and who will guide the mission to fruition.


What is the Financial Commitment?

We do not place financial demands on board members nor leaders.

We believe passionate members do what is required to ensure the success of the mission.

Foundation Membership is not a prerequisite for board membership, however, it is encouraged and appreciated.

Foundation Members are asked to contribute from $720 to $5,100 per year.
Board Members may offer a combination of financial support and Pro Bono services.



Meeting Requirement

Meetings are held live online to ensure transparency and to permit attendance by an International Board.

Board meetings are held monthly (January to October), and each board's meetings listed in Advancian's Meetings and Events section of this site.

Board Meetings are recorded and accessible by members, to ensure full transparency.

Chapter meetings are also held monthly. 




How long are Board Member terms? 

Terms are for the life of the project, estimated at four to eighth years.



What boards or committees exist?

Board of Trustees - Oversight Board

Board of International Relations and Development

Board of Corporate and Industry Inclusion

Board of Infrastructure and Development

Board of System Core Development

  • Board of Programmers
  • Board of Research and Development
  • Board of Security 
  • IT Advisory Board

Board of Unions, Trades, and Workforce Safety

Board of Global Curriculum

Citizen's Council

Advisory Board of Mayors

Advisory Board of Governors

Young Professionals Board

Young Professional Leadership Council

Youth Leadership Council



What is the annual operating budget?

The average annual funding requirement for the Systemic Reform Movement is: $89 to $105 million.

The estimated total project cost is $608,946,095 for Phase I - Planning, through Phase V - Testing.

With an estimated 144,000 foundation members contributing $720 per year (on average), for seven years, the cost is roughly $60 per month, or $2.00 per day per foundation member.



Is there a deficit?




Does the organization have an annual audit and has it consistently been in good standing?

The System Core has been in the planning stage since 2008 (by, and will be officially launched through Advancian in 2020. Initiatives and projects have separate funding instruments, channels, and bank holding accounts. NFP Initiatives serves as the Not-For-Profit Trustee for the System Core. Audits take place at the end of December, the project's fiscal year. 


Are there any outstanding legal issues going on with the agency or the Initiative?

There are no outstanding legal issues with Advancian, NFP Initiatives, nor the System Reform Movement.




If you require additional information contact: 

W. Iamwe 
Chief Trustee 
(P): (312) 274-5055 Ext 361
(E): iamwe[at]AdvanCN[dot]org

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NFP Initiatives

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm CST
(312) 274-5055

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